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[bsc_050] A Setting Sun - Live in December

[bsc_050] A Setting Sun - Live in December

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_050
Format: MP3 320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 30.09.2014
Styles: Ambient Drone
Total time: 48:13
Size: 110.4 MB

1. A Setting Sun - Live in December

Source's preview
Portland, Oregon based sound artist A Setting Sun (aka Jay Bodley) delivers Live in December for basic_sounds netlabel. Also known for his alias Sun Hammer, Bodley has appeared on such labels as Futuresequence, Heat Death and Moodgadget and has done remixes for Ghostly International’s Shigeto and Hyperdub’s Laurel Halo. Jay has also collaborated with basic_sounds netlabel artist Radere on several projects including their Futuresequence release Lotophagen.

Known for his drone sound explorations integrating noise, glitch and digital minimalism, Live in December is a forty-eight minute long-format dark ambient soundscape. The track gets underway opening with haunting hollowing winds and echoes. Crunchy sounding footsteps in snow with doomful deep fog horns shape the space. Soon eerie muffled male voices appear with a mixture of textured washes. The quieter moments build with heightening strings and off-kilter clangs ultimately creating a sense of anxiety until it climaxes around the fourteen minute mark with beautiful subtle tonal bells. From unnerving peaks to magnificent gentle breaths of light, Live in December is a unique journey that your mind can explore over and over again. Amazing.


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