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[BOF-068] Anastasia Vronski and Grove of Whispers - The Ice-Breaker

[BOF-068] Anastasia Vronski and Grove of Whispers - The Ice-Breaker

Catalog: BOF-068
Released: 21.09.2014
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental

Anastasia Vronski - The Ice-Breaker
Grove of Whispers - Outpost

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I particularly admire Anastasia Vronski's release "The Kursk". It has a dark, murky crunchy sound that is very inspiring for me. I asked her if she wouldn't mind contributing a similar track and for a split release with Grove of Whispers. She sent me her track "The Ice-Breaker" and some months later when reviewing a Grove of Whispers performance I realized "oh, this is the companion piece for Anastasia's The Ice-Breaker!"

I hope you enjoy it as I do. Thank you Anastasia Vronski for your inspiration.


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