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[BC34] Zzzzra - Vive La Lenteur

[BC34] Zzzzra - Vive La Lenteur

Label: Recycled Plastics
Catalog: BC34
Released: 26.11.2014
Styles: Dub Techno

1. Il N'y A Pas De Fin 07:53
2. Nouvel Ordre Intestinal 04:44
3. Venlafaxine [75mg] 08:12
4. La Danse Hanta 07:04
5. Sursaut Gamma Mineur 06:30
6. Invendable 06:54
7. Zongo [Zombie Mix] 04:17

Source's preview
One of our absolute favorite techno artists, Zzzzra, has finally landed at Recycled Plastics. It is both a thrill and an honor to present you with Vive La Lenteur, an organic and sprawling techno album that isn't afraid to get a little loud. Zzzzra's music is some of the most unique out there today, taking nods from dub, minimalism and experimental music, and concocting a fiercely personalized blend of electronics that really don't sound like anyone else.

So, what could be better than seven new Zzzzra cuts for free? How about a double album? That's correct - the limited edition CD-R version of Vive La Lenteur is over two hours in length, filled to the brim across two heavy discs with seventeen tracks, including three remixes by Coppice Halifax, Zwei Kreise and Christonia5. This is Zzzzra's first double album, and our first 2CD set since Mr. Acid's Acid Affairs compendium. This is one of the coolest techno records you will hear this year - don't sleep!

W/P by Alex Lehmann. Mastered by The Analog Botanist at Botany Bay, Autumn 2014. This is Recycled Plastics number BC34, and 34th in the ongoing Bedroom Compost series.


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