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Philipp Wolgast - Krad Podcast 030

Philipp Wolgast - Krad Podcast 030

Label: Krad Records
Released: November 2014
Styles: House Minimal Podcast
Total time: 01:01:46
Size: 148.3 MB

01- Mod2 & 303Box - Les Pieds Sur Terre
02- Seph - Cerezas
03- Fenin - None Of Them (Robags Berfa Lubb Dubbse)
04- Sabe - Little Helper 51-4
05- Sir K - Inside A Dream Re-edit
06- Dewalta & Mike Shannon - Noodlz
07- Setun - Garlik
08- Storlon - Wavelet
09- Du Sant - Peace & Love (Philipp Wolgast Late Love Edit)
10- Matiss - Anull2 (Markus Fix Remix)
11- Your Mad Friend - Bvc
12- Philipp Wolgast - Abstract Attraction (Alternative Edit)

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Philipp is part of a small but evergrowing, eclectic school of Dancemusic-producers, based in and around Hamburg City. Born here in the early 70s into a family with intense leanings to ART and music, it was easy to foresee, that his life was up from the beginning unalterably dedicated to SOUND, and the increasement of the hearing consciousness. Philipp´s tracks and remixes get released on great labels like Igloo Records, formResonance, Fantastic Friends Records, Kompass Musik, Numbolic, Kina Music, Hifreaks, Eminor, Der Hut, Krad Records, Loob label and many others..


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