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[bsc_051] euseng seto - walaubagaimanapun

[bsc_051] euseng seto - walaubagaimanapun

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_051
Format: MP3 320 kbps, WAVE
Released: 03.11.2014
Styles: Electronic IDM
Size: 46.6 MB

1. euseng seto - walaubagaimanapun

Source's preview
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian based composer Euseng Seto delivers walaubagainmanapun for basic_sounds, a twenty-minute long-format piece driven by synth progressions, warm piano melodies and clinical glitches. Known primarily for his work as Flica with prolific releases out on Mü-Nest and Schole, Euseng Seto continues to demonstrate his mastery as an artist with his effortless ease and craftsmanship.

walaubagainmanapun is a Malay word that means “however.” However doesn’t nearly describe how incredibly moving this release is. Euseng Seto’s warm programmed glitches and sparse tones begin to build the composition, into a rhythmic IDM flow, full of organic percussions and gurgles. Simultaneously all the layers weave interchangeable with ease. Around the 4:55 minute mark the track shifts into a more clinical state, similar to the sounds you would find from Raster Noton. Rhythmic patterns and whirling winds evolve into building tones, satisfying all senses. Ambient synth nuances take over around 9 minutes in, building to warm beautifully satisfying piano melodies. The piece climaxes when Euseng introduces a percussive post-rock synth closure that fades into delicate piano sentiments bound to warm the heart strings. Overall, Euseng Seto has an ambitious sound palette, harnessing what might otherwise come across as an unmanagable sprawling, synthetic jumble into surprisingly tightly woven package, controlled with artistic expertise. Amazing.


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