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Markus Masuhr - SoundDesigners Podcast #47 November

Markus Masuhr - SoundDesigners Podcast #47 November

Released: 02.11.2014
Styles: Industrial Techno Podcast
Total time: 01:03:03
Size: 90.8 MB

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Hello everyone,

Another month to get it always presents a new series of innovations and developments there our life. With results, or part of them, by the seeds we sow. We have the 2nd month of Autumn (Europe), cold temperature rises although increasingly there is instability secondary to economic interests. Anyway …

This month we invited an artist we admire in the Techno scene, Markus Masuhr of Lepzig, Germany. Fan of Techno and Dubtechno, this podcast presents us with a journey full of sound that projects in a world with unlimited dimensions, which lost in the hard scenarios like Detroit Techno but it’s full of hypnotic pad’s, full of vigor. Contemporary techno and full of charm, the selection and wonderful structure built during these 60 minutes.

Markus is not new as these wanderings gives to repair. Besides DJ is also a producer on Techno fields and develops two prestigious publishers. Insectorama (net-label) and Pragmat(12”). Already prints quality 12” in his name, continues his saga, full of potential, yet little exploring sonic paths traversed always giving a signature that adds to the world in question.

Come on then traveling with PLAY!


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