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[Sadayatana 184] The Other Ants

[Sadayatana 184] The Other Ants

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 184
Released: May 2014
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Podcast
Total time: 02:01:12
Size: 125 MB

00:00 - Grove of Whispers - A Secret Life of Stereo
05:57 - North hive - Immersion
41:12 - Meho - Grobar
43:26 - Oberlin - Transmission
69:16 - Meho - Tamo Daleko
86:51 - Liroso & Sanefiftyfour - Sleep Sugar
109:18 - Meho - Stranci

Source's preview
It was not until the ant and Veig had passed each other that Niall realized that he had been reading the ant's mind. It was a sensation like actually being the ant, as if he had momentarily taken possession of its body. And while he had been inside the ant's body, he had also become aware of all the other ants in the nest. It was a bewildering feeling, as if his mind had shattered into thousands of fragments, yet each fragment remained a coherent part of the whole.
- Colin Wilson, Spider World: The Desert (1987)


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