Techno-Релизы    2014    May
[phoke101] Magentaa - U.F.O.

[phoke101] Magentaa - U.F.O.

Label: Phonocake
Catalog: phoke101
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: May 2014
Styles: Electronic Techno
Size: 101 MB

U.F.O. (Spacebar Mix) (7:31)
U.F.O. (Hillbilly Discs Mix) (4:53)
U.F.O. (JEH Redub) (7:27)
U.F.O. (Stratosfear Mix) (6:35)
U.F.O. (Empty Spacebar Mix) (7:34)
U.F.O. (Without JEH Redub) (7:19)
U.F.O. (Laconic Hillbilly Discs Mix) (4:53)
U.F.O. (Stratosfearless Mix) (6:34)

Source's preview
There's just too much paranoia, yesterday and today.

Magentaa's release "U.F.O." is questioning perspectives, increased security issues and the interference of paranoia and terror. He acustically quotes historic UFO reports of the FBI, in which the American history from 1947 still reverberates.

The meandering Remixes negotiate control, monitoring and UFO paranoia. Topics that are in the current age of Edward Snowden as actual as they were in the days of J. Edgar Hoover. There's too much paranoia, yesterday and today.

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