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[Sadayatana 176] This Inner Experience

[Sadayatana 176] This Inner Experience

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 176
Format: MP3 140Kbps, FLAC
Released: 29.03.2014
Styles: Drone Ambient Experimental Podcast
Size: 129.0 MB

00:00 - Wings of an Angel - Purity Sacrifice (unreleased)
22:00 - Shane Morris - First Spring Storm Of 2014 (field recording)
24:39 - Wings of an Angel - The Tall Tales That Sly Demons Whisper Around The Fire Camp
85:12 - John Tocher - After Hail Was Rain (field recording)
85:36 - Wings of an Angel - Highway 90 - From The Dead Sea of Galilee To Beit She'an
123:47 - Peer Saer - Ancient Third Sight

Source's preview
We humans, on coming into the world, find we have one sorry privilege--the privilege of feeling ourselves live, with all the fine illusions that follow as a consequence, the illusion, in particular, that this inner experience we have of a life forever varied and changing--changing according to time, circumstance, or fortuity--is a reality outside ourselves. - Luigi Pirandello, The Late Mattia Pascal (1923)


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