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[DigitalDiamonds032L] Alic - Close Distance

[DigitalDiamonds032L] Alic - Close Distance

Catalog: DigitalDiamonds032L
Released: March 2014
Styles: Minimal Techno Trance

01 Sliders
02 In The Heat Of Delight
03 Corrupted Audio*
04 Ma Soul
05 The Gentle Way Of Minddestruction (Album Remake)
06 Granulate Cristal
07 The Acid Flow
08 Jack Of All Trades
09 Ninety-Five*
10 Esperanto*
11 What Is

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"Close Distance" is the first album by Alic. After 9 years of releasing tracks on different labels like Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Boshke Beats Records, Horns And Hoofs Entertainment, Soundmute Recordings and many more, Alic hits the floor with 11 massive and unreleased tracks.
Ranging from powerfull Techno over to Acid and always spiced with their typical psychedelic elements, "Close Distance" is on the mission to hit your mind.

"Close Distance" is available as free digital release and as a limited CD-Edition with three exclusive bonus tracks and full artwork!


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