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[adpt016] Gongu - Remiscere Sonus
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[adpt016] Gongu - Remiscere Sonus

Label: Adeptlabel
Catalog: adpt016
Format: MP3 320 kbps, FLAC
Released: March 2014
Styles: Dub-Techno
Total time: 01:11:05

1. Remiscere Sonus 66:05
2. Addendum 4:59

Source's preview
Exclusivesly live recorded, Remiscere Sonus is purely Techno. Well, this kind of blurred Techno that we really love in Adeptlabel. Gongu had enough perseverance to give us his own particular vision of our catalogue. He was pushed nearly to his boundaries but this music deserves it. It meant kudos for him. The story about adpt016 began a long ago but the conception of the album was born in november 2013. The original idea was to make something like a mixtape. The track or tracks would be based on the music previously published at Adept. By doing so, we would be paying tribute to artists that gave his music and soul to the label in the last two years. It was also taken into consideration the fact of celebrating the second anniversary of us. “Translate” the catalogue in order to make something new would not be an easy task. Firstly, permission was requested to the artists to abuse their tracks. During the following months Tarmac was reshaping those sounds. As a result of this process a bunch of pieces were made. Gongu finally will build a mixtape, joining things together. So, he glued one loop to pad, a noise to a hit into something new: Remiscere Sonus. For an hour and a little more than six minutes he rediscovers Substak dark drones, Kraut Sounds piano noises, Dahlmann dub stabs, Bohdan highly effective landscapes, Volunteer warm angles, El Fulminador hits and Am.Light emotive resonances. But let Gongu speaks by himself: Adeptlabel Staff: What were you looking for the recording days? Gongu: I was only looking for a certain feeling during recording sessions. I was guided by intuition and my ears. The recordings are almost an improvisation. When I felt the groove I knew I was on right path! Along several versions I made, I found an atmospheric sound playing versus a dry rhythm which is in fact the sound I was looking for Adeptlabel. The sound has become clearer as a series of actions were carried out until it was left fully uncovered. As always mastering work was made by llamaza, and cover is made by Juza, a new and talented dancehall singer with great aptitute in graphic design. Cover by Juza Words by Tarmac


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