Techno-Релизы    2014    July
[STASIS023] Gapfield - Gapfield Summer

[STASIS023] Gapfield - Gapfield Summer

Catalog: STASIS023
Format: FLAC, CBR 320 mp3
Released: 27.07.2014
Styles: Ambient Dub-Techno

1. (06:10) Gapfield - It Vanished
2. (06:11) Gapfield - Warm Breeze
3. (06:52 ) Gapfield -Gapfield Summer
4. (05:52) Gapfield - Starlit Shore

Source's preview
Dear Friends and Listeneres, We are pleased to share with you one more excellent piece of music, which is inspired by warmth and sunny delight. And this time it's a brand new story. "Gapfield is Jacob Newman & Devin Underwood. While Jacob and Devin have produced ambient and drone for labels like DataObscura and Carpe Sonum, this is their first release as Gapfield, a dub techno/experimental project. While they both live far away from each other, they find it important to sync up in real time online to share ideas, music, etc to keep our projects flowing with new ideas and energy." Welcome the debut release of a very promising duo!


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