Techno-Релизы    2014    July
[bump196] Corporate Control - Enter The Market-Share

[bump196] Corporate Control - Enter The Market-Share

Label: Bump Foot
Catalog: bump196
Released: 13.07.2014
Styles: Electronic House
Total time: 42:50
Size: 47.7 MB

Feat Pitbull (0:39)
Buy Viagra Now (3:44)
Vioxx (2:48)
Grams (1:43)
Obsolete (5:22)
Monetization (1:37)
Consumer (3:07)
Young Startup (4:59)
Made In China (2:45)
Selfie (2:03)
Target (3:37)
Mobile (0:51)
Profit (4:42)
Ads (4:15)
Blocked In Yr Country (0:37)

Source's preview
This may be the first time to release lo-fi tracks. The album is a mixture of house and techno, approached with lo-fi vibe and immediate, playful attitude. "Other influences include hip-hop, dusty deep house chords, IDM-like interludes, vaporwave-tinged conceptual aesthetic and even the style of labels famous for their lo-fi/outsider approach of dance music."


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