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[BOF-060] Grove of Whispers - The Sheltering Sky

[BOF-060] Grove of Whispers - The Sheltering Sky

Catalog: BOF-060
Released: January 2014
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental

01. Grove of Whispers - Light and Shadow
02. Grove of Whispers - Black Star
03. Grove of Whispers - Mimouna

Source's preview
This album started life as a series of experiments in new ways of generating drones. The experiments proved successful but took me to a space I had not planned to go. I've been listening to them more than any other music for several months now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I was listening to them once and turned them off thinking I might be disturbing someone studying:

"I hope this music wasn't bothering you."

"Oh, that was music? I thought it was the air conditioner!"

I had thought to call it "Music for Air Conditioners". A cute title but it does nt seem to resonate for me the way "The Sheltering Sky" does.


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