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[Kidnapping 015] ADJ - Rabbisht

[Kidnapping 015] ADJ - Rabbisht

Catalog: Kidnapping 015
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: February 2014
Styles: Techno

1. Acid Angel
2. Rabbisht
3. Ffo Ffo Cid
4. Ffo Ffo Cid (Ideal Flow Parallel A)
5. Ffo Ffo Cid (Hecrom Parallel B)
6. Ffo Ffo Cid (Unit 115 Parallel C)

Source's preview
The release comes Kidnapping 015 from UK, Andy Jaggers through its aka ADJ, gives us "Rabbisht", an album of refining and audio nuanced mist streets with history, acid, electro, some breaks and omens that London remains a source of personal and avant-garde artists. We carry on suitcase the third track, "Ffo Ffo Cid", and toured looking remixes. We move southward, and falling in Madrid we find Hecrom version that puts a large industrial air and metal machinery. We crossed the Atlantic and discovered the Los Angeles version of Peter Cliffton, aka Ideal Flow, techno that gives a synthetic texture, to follow the path to Latin America, and arriving in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires between summer moisture, this once we find tango, but a version of Unit 115 full of acid techno.


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