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[NYB/EXT 005] RGL - The light trough EP

[NYB/EXT 005] RGL - The light trough EP

Label: Noisybeat
Catalog: NYB/EXT 005
Released: February 2014
Styles: Electronic Ambient Dub-Techno

1. Graal 08:29
2. Argentavis 06:56
3. Gulliver 08:00
4. La reve 08:25
5. Ants never sleep 05:49

Source's preview
RGL - The Light Through EP is a 5 track journey through the sound of Dub-Techno. Opening the Ep is GRAAL where a steady and slow 4/4 beat and a sparse but rollin sub bass set the pace while open delayed chords and vocal snippets keep the atmosphere dreamy. ARGENTAVIS follows the same path with a deep dubby beat and bass, Delayed chords and percussions and washes of noise makes of this track a long “stoned“ flight. GULLIVER is a “not so secret“ tribute to people like Rhythm & Sound and Deepchord. Deep dub heavy bass and a 4 to the floor kick are the foundation for this long dub trip! LA REVE is more of a slow modern dub where an initial broken beat become straight the more the track develops, interrupted from time to time by a french speaking voice. Closing the EP is ANTS NEVER SLEEP, ambient, ill-bient, post-dubstep track where long delayed chords and noises lay over steady hi-hats patterns for a very open, quiet, early morning feeling.


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