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[Zimmer108] ROBotron - agoRa

[Zimmer108] ROBotron - agoRa

Catalog: Zimmer108
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 11.02.2014
Styles: Minimal Techno
Total time: 30:00
Size: 66.7 MB

01. ROBotron – agoRa
02. ROBotron – Abizu
03. ROBotron – Shadows
04. ROBotron – Worlds End Remix feat. Backslash Zero, Ohmikron & Doryk
05. ROBotron – zeRRissen

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Agorism is a libertarian social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, thus engaging in a manner with aspects of peaceful revolution. It was first proposed by libertarian philosopher Samuel Edward Konkin III in 1975, with contributions partly by J. Neil Schulman.

Agorists consider themselves market anarchists, while many characterize it as a form of left-libertarianism. Agorists generally oppose voting for political candidates and political reform. Instead, agorists stress the importance of alternative strategies rather than politics to achieve a free society. Agorists claim that we can achieve a free society more easily and sooner by employing such alternative methods as education, direct action, alternative currencies, entrepreneurship, self sufficiency, and most importantly "counter-economics". Agorists consider their message to be scientific because science is an appeal to reason, which they believe is only possible in the Agora or free market. [wikipedia]


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