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[CFM060] DeepWarmth - Night Sessions

[CFM060] DeepWarmth - Night Sessions

Catalog: CFM060
Format: MP3 320 kbps, Lossless
Released: 20.12.2014
Styles: Ambient-Techno Deep-Techno Dub-Techno
Size: 132.5 MB

1. Status (Owen Ni Remix) 08:32
2. aspect. - bp4. (DeepWarmth Mix) 04:08
3. Coppice Halifax - Leaf Cloak (NightTime) 06:12
4. Textural Being - Tides pt, 1 (lilmanjs Remix) 04:12
5. Textural Being - Experience (DeepWarmth Remix) 08:28
6. Coppice Halifax - Smoker's Lux (DeepWarmth Remix) 14:39
7. Zander One - Amnesiac (DeepWarmth Remix) 13:07

Source's preview
A collection of DeepWarmth remixes that showcase the vast styles of his remixing skills with 6 of his remixes. Starting off with an Owen Ni remix of the DeepWarmth track Status, the release then kicks into gear a chill vibe with the bp4 remix melting into a remix of the Coppice Halifax track Leaf Cloak, giving it a view of the Night before diving under the water for a spaced out remix of Tides pt, 1 from Textural Being along with a rainy evening remix of Experience. After ending with 2 Drone style remixes for Coppice Halifax, with a flare for Techno, and Zander One with the only fully Ambient remix to date to round things off.


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