Techno-Релизы    2014    August
[blpsq040] Ampairelais - Quauder

[blpsq040] Ampairelais - Quauder

Catalog: blpsq040
Format: MP3, FLAC
Released: August 2014
Styles: Minimal Techno

1. Quauder (06:08)
2. Plopper (08:14)
3. Dingelhopper (14:06)
4. Dingelhopper (Ingemar Stalholm Remix) (10:36)
5. Plopper (Zeina's Inner Space Mix) (06:15)
6. Quauder (Bleupulp Remix) (04:58)
7. Quauder (Shibby Shitegeist-a-Lingo Remix) (08:15)
8. blpsq040mix (24:04)

Source's preview
Our 40th release emerges from the mysterious depths of the sea thanks to our new pal in Cologne, Ampairélais. He has skillfully concocted an intricate and rhythmic package rippling with organic minimal funk and freaky sound collage. His underwater exploration remix crew on this voyage bring their own unique approaches to the table, resulting in the discovery of additional otherworldly technoid lifeforms. Dive deep.


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