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[bsc_048] Radere - Koschei

[bsc_048] Radere - Koschei

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_048
Released: 01.08.2014
Styles: Ambient Electronic
Total time: 39:20
Size: 90 MB

1. Koschei 39:20

Source's preview
Radere – a.k.a. the Colorado-based producer and sound artist Carl Ritger – returns to basic_sounds for his fourth outing, Koschei. Following on from last year’s A Pouring Out Of Sleep, Koschei presents the most fully realized iteration of the Radere aesthetic yet, blending his unique approach to synthesis and processing with dense clouds of guitar drone and textural ambience.

In a sense, Koschei represents a walking tour through Radere’s experiments during a year that found him primarily focusing on live performance, with each of the album’s movements centering on a specific piece of equipment or performance set-up. The end result is a shifting portrait of an artist at work, staking out new ground in their personal sonic evolution.

Recorded at home in Denver, Colorado, Koschei was produced using a Korg MS-20 Mini, Moog Minitaur, Fender Telecaster and a selection of semi-modular Moog processors, as well as a varied array of guitar pedals and effects boxes.

The album was mastered by Andrew Weathers.


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