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[bsc_045] J. Butler - So Long, Voyager

[bsc_045] J. Butler - So Long, Voyager

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_045
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 30.04.2014
Styles: Ambient Drone

1. Heliosphere
2. Persistence
3. Beginnings

Source's preview
Pittsburgh based sound artist, J. Butler creates masterful contemporary ambient works with guitar pedals, custom electronics and tape loops. J. Butler has appeared on Futuresequence’s Sequence series and self-released his first debut album Waiting in 2011.

Recorded in 2013, So Long, Voyager opens with “Heliosphere,” a beautiful floating euphoric composition with light guitar strings that trickle throughout the work, creating an exuding amount of tranquility and warmth. “Persistence” is a haunting soundscape, with heavy doomful chords, subtle looping bells, combined with unnerving crackling static, alluding to feelings of being in a harbour at night while the sails subtlety flap against their poles. “Beginnings” completes the EP with a delicate soft drifting composition interwoven with rolling guitar waves, and light nuances that will leave you with the kind of listening experience you’ll want to immerse yourself in all over again.


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