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[brhnet31] aAirial - ways

[brhnet31] aAirial - ways

Label: Breathe
Catalog: brhnet31
Released: 20.04.2014
Styles: Ambient IDM
Total time: 46:40

1. aAirial - Breathing in, I smile
2. aAirial - Soaring
3. aAirial - Here and now
4. aAirial - Sadhana
5. aAirial - Mood
6. aAirial - Tat tvam asi
7. aAirial - (Return to the) Evidence
8. aAirial - Macrocosm
9. aAirial - First step

Source's preview
The essential require some attention, that we come back. Where would the cosmic dimension of a story that offered a whole from the first listen? Do not let history. In time, as the rose that blooms, it will reveal its secrets.


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