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[SLNT063] Sobria Ebrietas - Esion

[SLNT063] Sobria Ebrietas - Esion

Catalog: SLNT063
Released: April 2014
Styles: Ambient

1. Esion Part I [06:21]
2. Esion Part II [11:43]
3. Esion Part III [12:10]
4. Esion Part IV [06:46]
5. Esion Part V [08:54]
6. Esion Part VI [08:43]
7. Esion Part VII [08:18]
8. Esion Part VIII [09:05]

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Following several albums, EP’s and many sonic & visual collaborations spanning through 20 years, this search asserted itself and opened out to create a unique and unclassable soundscape still true to its original quest: the love of Sound.

‘Esion’ dates back from 2011, and is reissued here with a new mix.


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