Techno-Релизы    2013    September
[BOF-052] Stephen Mc Cann & Kirill Makushin - Extended Play

[BOF-052] Stephen Mc Cann & Kirill Makushin - Extended Play

Catalog: BOF-052
Released: 29.09.2013
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental

01. Slippery Asphalt
02. Ice Remake With KG
03. Snow Drift
04. Wind and Ocean

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Stephen MC Cann:

Stephen Mc Cann is a musician from Dublin, Ireland. He records music using electronics & various percussion, plus cut up field recordings & found sounds. He records solo as Prang Ruin & collaborates in various other projects, including The Cloud Chamber (ambient guitar band), Clown School (lo-fi electronics) & Dank Elevator (experimental audio), along with his on going collaborations with Kirill Makushin. His solo work is best described as ambient/drone or ambient/noise & sound collage. In order to release & distribute the recordings of these various projects, Steve set up Editions/Prang Ruin. A workshop & netlabel, Editions/Prang Ruin has existed since 2009 under different names, but was re-titled in 2013, to place a greater emphasis on collaborations & split releases. The formats for release are digital downloads or CD-R's published in small batches at a time.

Kirill Makushin

Kirill Makushin is a musician from Moscow (Russia) born 16 July 1990 makes music with a accordion,harmonica,synthesizer(rarely). His music based on acoustic instruments which gives it a special atmosphere of melodic. He releases his solo music as Crows In The Garden.


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