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[Kidnapping 013] Yuuki Sakai - I hope 72 hours

[Kidnapping 013] Yuuki Sakai - I hope 72 hours

Catalog: Kidnapping 013
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: October 2013
Styles: Techno

1. Gernica
2. Perlsya
3. Recter
4. Recter (RAG Performance A)
5. Recter (Ikkaku Performance B)
6. Recter (Klinika Performance C)

Source's preview
The new release of Kidnapping is signed by Yuuki Sakai, and as the name makes us suspect , the trip will be to the Orient ... to Tokyo , to see the sun rise first. We aren?t superstitious , or maybe yes, but positively , and that take us to think that listening to the Kidnapping 013 is a clear sign of good luck, because it is a great album , full of audacious techno, sharp. “Gernica” and “Pelsya” squashing you up, “Recter” mobilizes your expression seriously, applying a persistent background, so modest and so lead. On the return from Asia, just enter to european continent we stop in the city of Chernivtsi (Ukraine), to listen “Recter " version, that gives us the duo Klinka (Vitaly Mikhailyuk & Vitaliy Lupashko) with an acid air and an bass line that feedings the continuously motion . Carrying on to the west, and stopping at the beloved Barcelona, to relistening “Recter” but Ikkaku version, an Italian who was developed in Belgium, who had lived in Bristol and now resides in the Catalan city, from there he shows all these condiments in a track filled of trip and moving loops that infect. Finally, also from Barcelona, but with argentinian roots, RAG gives us another version of “Recter” closer to idm but without losing the robust techno air that envelops the entire disc.


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