Techno-Релизы    2013    October
[phoke96] Transient - Chiquesalunga

[phoke96] Transient - Chiquesalunga

Label: Phonocake
Catalog: phoke96
Released: October 2013
Styles: Electronic IDM
Size: 131 MB

The humans are shallow (5:15)
Birdsong (4:31)
Stuffing Stocker (5:49)
Can it be beautiful? (6:39)
Cow Pasture (4:59)
Once When (4:48)
Cherry Cobbs (5:27)

Source's preview
Music, made deep in the woods. The big rabbit invites you, to listen to the sounds of the creek, the trees and the birds. This release is impressive in some ways. You see the creek depicted on the cover artwork? It's one of the artists favorite spots to chill and to create music. He produced all the music in the forest using a tablet computer, making most of the tracks in the stunning forests around the albums namesake 'Chiquesalunga Creek'. And the artist is none other than one of the root free Netaudio stars online - Transient. Having released last year on Phonocake as Beat.Dowsing we now connected again to bring you his new seven track album under his original moniker. And that's not all! You are invited to remix and explore the tracks! --- the source files which can be opened in Sunvox are included - a first for Phonocake. Please send any remixes to the artist and to us. Contact and instructions are included in the Source files directory. All tracks + photos + source files by transient; mastering + cover preparation + text by parmon.

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