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[45E-023] EugeneKha - Nano Life

[45E-023] EugeneKha - Nano Life

Catalog: 45E-023
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: October 2013
Styles: Ambient
Total time: 67:32
Size: 154.4 MB

1. Nano Life (8:26)
2. Nano Age (Part 1) (5:14)
3. Outside The Body (4:49)
4. Nano Water (MuLab Version) (3:17)
5. Nano Age (Part 2) (5:43)
6. Nano Time (2:17)
7. Nano Harmony (4:57)
8. Nano Age (Part 3) (3:57)
9. Nano Sky (5:28)
10. Nano Saga (3:38)
11. Nano Guitar (3:50)
12. Nano Age (Part 4) (5:09)
13. Nano Fin (2:31)
14. [bonus track] Nano Water (NanoStudio Version) (4:48)
15. [bonus track] Nano Morning (Demo) (3:28)

Source's preview
Nano Life is a result of my experiments with the mobile recordings made outside studio. All 13 tracks were created and recorded in road conditions (in the subway and electric trains, in cafe, during walks in park and on travel). For record only the mobile equipment which always can be put in a usual bag or in a backpack was used: Dell XPS M1210 laptop (13"), micro 25-keys MIDI controlers / keyboards Akai MPK Mini and Korg NanoKey. For record of some compositions the virtual keyboard and Piano Roll from DAW was used only.
Also I wanted to make these records in mobile programs. For this purpose I used portable music studio?s NanoStudio and MuLab, and their internal synthesizers and tools. NO external tools! NO external VST! Only that tool kit which contain in NanoStudio and MuLab!
Thus, the genre of this album can be characterized as Mobile Ambient or Portable Music.
All records are made during 2010-2012.
I included some of these tracks in a concert mix of 'Nano Age Live 2011-08-14' (it is published on a network label of Ethereal Live), some tracks entered into promo EP 'Nano Age? (a label 45RPM-Records).
The considerable part of the tracks presented on this album is published for the first time.
As two bonus tracks are included in an album.
All tracks are remastered in 2013.
I express special gratitude Drillobit aka Faktor4 (Austria) which has created surprising visual images to some tracks of an album.


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