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[PLANET045] Cellar Dweller - Monochrome Rainbow

[PLANET045] Cellar Dweller - Monochrome Rainbow

Label: Planet Terror Records
Catalog: PLANET045
Released: October 2013
Styles: Techno
Size: 140.2 MB

1. Departures (4:13)
2. Your Cracked Lips (9:32)
3. Ice (8:06)
4. Turned By Ghosts (10:23)
5. Aether/Alchemy (13:21)
6. Border Master (8:58)
7. The Firs (7:09)

Source's preview
Monochrome Rainbow is Cellar Dweller's first full length album. Marrying interests in drone and noise with the darker side of melodic techno hinted at in his Origami EP, it ranges from improvisational process pieces to tracks suitable for a cold warehouse dance floor. Drawing as much influence from poetry and pattern art as it does from musical reference points ranging from Messiaen to Basic Channel, it presents a rewarding if disconcerting listening experience.


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