Techno-Релизы    2013    November
Triames - SoundDesigners Podcast #40 November

Triames - SoundDesigners Podcast #40 November

Released: 05.11.2013
Styles: Techno Dub Podcast
Total time: 47:36
Size: 68.4 MB

Triames - Rotation (Substak remix)
Zzzzra - Licorne Sans Corne
Roberto Figus - The Soft Wind
Hryk - A.D.2998
img_02 - nomoe 751 (blue mix)
Stereopathy - Victoria Dub
Cold Form - Against
Echospace - OBMX (cv313 reduction)
Psyk - Surface
Fluxion - Waves
Roberto Figus - Love Deeply
Go Hiyama - Farnsworth House

Source's preview
This month the cold already begin to feel in Europe. Let’s say we have to imagine the temperatures go down. In the cold there is also much good, as the excess clothing in bed, hot breakfast and a background sound in ,that warm the heart and soul. Fado in Lisbon is very popular, but SoundDesigners fado is another. It’s a regular beat that makes us feel the strength of the tone, the bass that never stops and makes us jump, and every possible and imaginary elements may appear. Dance music is all that and more. This month the guest is Triames. Dub Techno & Underground lover, makes us a tour of transporting us to a world only our, allying Techno does wonders. The SD let you know another artist where love rules. You can make a sonic contact via the link below.


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