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[brq94] The Hermit - Liber 2 – Mindset

[brq94] The Hermit - Liber 2 – Mindset

Label: Broque
Catalog: brq94
Released: 02.11.2013
Styles: Dub Electronic Glitch

01. mind-dawn (feat. eshar)
02. epiphany
03. mindset
04. trip (feat. kNife)
05. aberration
06. mind-teach
07. killing me (feat. grotesk)
08. mind-storm
09. mr big thing (feat. grotesk)
10. mind-hurdy-gurdy
11. forecast
12. mind-toxic
13. evocation
14. mind-overflow
15. reborn recut (feat. eshar)
16. mind-end
17. determination (feat. grotesk)

Source's preview
The Hermit appears out of wafts of mist of the emerging autumn. And with him surface the mystical tracks of “Liber 2?, his latest album on Broque which starts off to dwarf the transcendence of its similarly natured predecessor. The overarching theme this time is “mindset”, symbolised by Sigil of Saturn, the guardian and gatekeeper who will only let pass the ones who learned and fully respected their lessons. The Hermit addresses the big subjects such as love, ignorance and confusion to convey that only the conscious thoughts are the key to self-awareness. One, which shows that there is no perfection in the world, as this would preclude any evolution a priori. The Hermit masters once again the challenging task to address such big subject matters from the music angle by combining electronica, slow-moving trip hop, bleepy industrial techno and playful proto rave hymns. Over the full duration of the album, The Hermit’s music fully emerges as what it is: a total work of art, which will engage you right from its first to its very last second.

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