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[SOMOLP02] Various Artists - Rooms

[SOMOLP02] Various Artists - Rooms

Catalog: SOMOLP02
Format: FLAC, mp3 320 kbps
Released: 27.05.2013
Styles: Ambient-Techno Dub-Techno Dubstep Experimental Minimal-Techno Compilation
Total time: 01:06:56
Size: 523 MB

Part 1: Soundroom
01. Zreen Toys - Beyond Infinite Caves (Original Mix) [Buddhist On Fire 034]
02. Holobody - Coda (Original Mix) [Bad Panda Records 168]
03. Enko - Dublicat (Original Mix) [Bypass 063]
04. Babylon Disco - Manwise (Original Mix) [Chase Records 040]
05. RealiTVersion - Pop Corn & Coke (Original Mix) [Sound & Motion 011]
06. Vela - Stories (Original Mix) [Breathe 018]

Part 2: Motionroom
07. Chord - Strange The Walls (Original Mix) [Basic Sounds 025]
08. Paul Gutschmidt - Prepynion (Jonn Melchiat Interpretation) [Unfoundsound 068]
09. Oliver Martini - Field Recordings (Original Mix) [Indigo Silver Club 015]
10. Claudiu Valentin - Sintetic (Original Mix) [Nanoloopsis 010]
11. Luftschmiede - Protyp (Original Mix) [DAST Net Recordings 037]
12. Micronoise Paranoic Sound - Ночные Снежинки (Original Version 2008) [Deep-X Recordings 157]
13. Omar Salgado - Miniatura (Original Mix) [Unfoundsound 020]
14. Playground - Spleen (RealiTVersion Melancholia Mix) [Sound & Motion LP01]
15. Sasha Muller - Analog Snake (Juan Farcik Remix) [Abstrakt Records 003]

Source's preview
Sound & Motion is back! This time, RealiTVersion makes his way into our LP series... With a CD-mix! But why do we relee a CD-mix as an LP? Well, time for explanations then...

We've always considered the CD-mix format to be something more than just a regular dj mix. CD-mix has to be something really special, it has to showcase both the musical taste and programming skills of the DJ, it has to tell a story. It has to be more like an album and less like a regular DJ mix.

We were always looking for something like this since we started in 2010, but we decided to delay this (we just didn't want to do everything ourselves). When we had the chance to release something close to a CD-Mix, we did it for the Special Mix series. But if there's someone else who thinks like us, is RealiTVersion.

Originally intented to be part of our Netlabeler Podcast series (which will be back later in the second half of 2013), "Rooms" is a mix that we didn't want to release as another podcast. It showcases both RTV's musical taste and what we consider should be the standard in cd-mixes: an artistic approach to DJing.

For this mix, RTV plays different tracks from a wide variety of genres and styles. This could've gone wrong in so many ways, but he somehow managed to create a coherent, yet diverse mix that's atmospheric, depressive and dark but also delivers something that is lacking on most DJ mixes out there: A sense of cohesiveness and a fresh sound to your ears.

Playing one original track and one remix (both released by Sound & Motion) along with 13 tracks from netlabels Buddhist On Fire, Breathe, Unfoundsound, DAST Net Recordings, Basic Sounds, Abstrakt Records, Deep-X Recordings, Bad Panda Records, Indigo Silver Club, Nanoloopsis, Chase Records and Bypass, the mix is divided in two "Rooms": "Soundroom," which is listen-oriented and "Motionroom," dancefloor-oriented.

We're sure that this is a CD-mix you'll definitely enjoy from beginning to end. RealiTVersion created something that is timeless and magical.

We want to thank the artists that made the tracks and the netlabels for releasing every track in lossless format (we love lossless!). We also want to thank the guys @ Creative Commons, thanks to them it is possible to release this kind of projects. Also, thank you RealiTVersion for making this awesome mixed compilation for us. It is wonderful!

Finally, we'd love to thank YOU, the listener, for downloading and supporting us. It is amazing to have fans and regular people that are willing to give us a chance and listen to our releases. If you enjoy this, recommend to your friends and share it. Our only goal is to share great music, so we'd appreciate if you help us with it.

Anyway, enough chitchat, time is priceless! Listen and enjoy both...


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