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[adpt009] Bohdan - Guiding Light
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[adpt009] Bohdan - Guiding Light

Label: Adeptabel
Catalog: adpt009
Released: 16.05.2013
Styles: Dub IDM
Total time: 21:26

1. Bohdan - Guiding Light
2. Bohdan - Nalaikh
3. Bohdan - Surfing The Grassland

Source's preview
Bright. I will describe Bohdan's tracks as luminous, they glow in the dark. They sound cheerful and lively. But just before to introduce the sound, let me introduce the man.

Using his own words, he is an "Ukrainian electronic musician, born in 1984. After about 9 years of DJing became interested in creating his own music in the genre of dub and deep techno, minimal and ambient." Two months ago Bohdan got in touch with the label and after a great track and a lot of work, we are releasing his first music for adeptlabel. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Three tunes. The first one gives its name to the collection: Guiding Light. Its high melodic content is vaporized and alongside with the beat it forms a huge cloud of gas. It?s a great example of how a long but simple arrangement could be done to fulfill a wonderful track.

The second one, Nalaikh, is more ambient oriented but the beat is still there. Again the great space created in the mixdown is achieved making use of a huge reverb. Check out the walking bass on the ground that gives the foundation to this track.

Surfing the grassland is the last tune, something in the upbeat format. The most obvious listening position should be vertical, just dancing, but you could listen also horizontally in your bed waiting for a new day.

To sum up, we are hearing a compilation of tracks that sound like a great reward for the listener. We are happy to be part of these music. And the work has being mastered by our colleague llamaza as always, delivering a high dynamic and brilliant sound through the whole set.


30.05.2013 04:25
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