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[bsc_032] Gunshae - Begin Again

[bsc_032] Gunshae - Begin Again

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_032
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: March 2013
Styles: Ambient Dub Electronic
Total time: 01:18:06

1. Begin Again (Segunda Caida Dub)

Source's preview
Gunshae (pronounced Gun-shai) is the Panambient project of Canadian dubstep pioneer, Kuma and renowned oboist and DJ, Lady Eve. Together they combine classical training with live improvisation and electronics.
Tossing aside classical music’s obsession with adherence to the written score and live electronic performance’s stereotype of one guy behind a laptop checking his email, both members of Gunshae have been known to start the show on stage and finish up in the audience. Gunshae are not your average sound art duo or ambient performance act.

Breaking down barriers between audience and performer, Gunshae is as happy in the chill out room as it is the art gallery or concert hall. Each performance is completely unique, site/audience specific and completely devoted to embracing the moment.

“Begin Again” was originally performed and recorded at the Panambient Siesta in Cancun, Mexico, November 16th, 2012. For basic_sounds, Lady Eve has taken the original recording and layered it with brand new live instrumentation, creating something entirely unique. basic_sounds is delighted to share this 78 minute artistic, dub ambient journey. Enjoy!


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