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[rwclub017] Warmth - Orbital Mechanics

[rwclub017] Warmth - Orbital Mechanics

Label: Rawmatroid
Catalog: rwclub017
Released: 01.03.2013
Styles: Ambient Electronic
Size: 57 МБ

  1. An Uncertain Journey
  2. White Dwarf
  3. The Space Between Us
  4. Phobos y Deimos

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The responsible of our 17th reference is Warmth. His passion for astronomy influences in an evident way in his way of making music, that’s how het wanted to introduce, in his debut in Rawmatroid, his narrative sound in a work with clear space and atmospheric landscapes: Orbital Mechanics, a concept truly defined and full of personal involvement in its composition.

“An Uncertain Journey” it’s a track, although it includes some bass drum hits in its final part, mainly ambiental. With its piano melody wrapped by other textures, it is inspired by the adventure of Apollo 13, with a crew facing technical problems and uncertainty that those extraordinary views might be the last, very subtly it introduces us in the journey.

The dense melancholy tone of “White Dwarf” continues Warmth’s deep line. Form and content go hand in hand, because the title of this track refers to the white dwarf, inevitable end of every star in its final stage it cools and turns off.

“The Space Between Us” returns to do justice to a good judgment when it comes to telling stories by the author, the distance between Earth and the Moon, and the effect it has on both its gravitational pull has inspired in the 3rd cut, which slowly gathering pace, without forgetting the melody and landscapes, the drums are now more present, escaping of predictable metrics.
“Phobos and Deimos” (Fear and Terror) are the names of the two satellites of Mars. The contrast between the pads and arpeggiated bass reminiscent of the tense relationship between the red planet and its moons, a curious mix of melodies and tones that become the 4th and final issue of Orbital Mechanics. Have a good trip.


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