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DJ AQuaBeat - SoundDesigners Podcast #35

DJ AQuaBeat - SoundDesigners Podcast #35

Released: 01.03.2013
Styles: Deep-House Podcast
Total time: 01:06:28
Size: 64 MB

1. Moun Mon - DJ AQuaBeaT
2. Common Question (Aybee rmx) - Mist Works
3. Burn (GetOpen Sessions Retek) - Jada Pinkett Smith
4. Maybe Next Time (King Britt Dub) - Manuel Tur
5. Long Way Home - As One
6. Compu Rhythm (Baikal Rmx) - Ian Pooley
7. Riders On The Storm (Cudder & Mulder edit) - The Doors
8. It's Only (Koze rmx) - Herbert
9. Still A Dancer (Dub) - Kemdi
10. Bright Star (Sunset mix) - Ben Watt ft. Julia Biel
11. Lantern - Shinsuke Matsumoto
12. Rock My World (EnaWadan rmx) - Black Coffee ft. Soulstar
13. Deepness - Black Jazz Consortium

Source's preview
Hello fellas,

Welcome to another monthly podcast of SoundDesigners! This #35 of March is with Justin (DJ AQuaBeat), Dj/Producer from Brooklyn. He already sign with US the "The Deep.Just AQuaBeat" EP with one remix by PeteBlas & Pirahnahead, one legendary of Detroit in the Deep House scene. For US Justin have a deep unique touch giving a lot of his african influences with hypnotic pads and full of percussion rhythm. Well give a look @ his Bio...meanwhile put PLAY and give a listen to this deep 60m with US!

Dj/Producer Dj Aqbt (DJ AQuaBeaT) is a veteran of the NYC house music scene with over 20 years behind the turntables. The attraction to electronic music & dancing started with Afrika Bambatta and Soul Sonic Force. This led to Kraftwerk and the Art of Noise and a sound distinctly digital but nonetheless soulful.
Introduced to House music culture by Richard "Earthman" Laurent; producer and band leader of ground breaking House Music bands, Moun Fou and Kraze ("I Say Shut Up" & "The Party"), he dove head 1st into the energy of house dancing and the night life.

His music collection was already impressive before he ever stepped behind a set. A friend's turntables left at his home opened the door to the world on the other side of the dancefloor. Mixing for his friends the "b-sides," jazz, soul, new age and world music they never heard out; he began making tapes to practice dance moves. These workouts became known as GetOpen Sessions. He states, "Not having the musical background as everyone else was a blessing in disguise. I had no preferences based on my parents' influence. I discovered all music at the same time. My father was a musician and had me in guitar lessons early on so that opened my mind, developed my ear and tastes for dynamic compositions. When I started looking for music, it was an all encompassing mission."

Those influences contribute to his production and DJ style and sound. Playing & mixing a soulful blend of deep electronic and cultural dance rhythms Aqbt is known for his technical approach, thoughtful selection and fuel injected, deep sets. "I want to play the joints that hit you where you feel it before you hear it. Tracks that you may know but never expect to hear out and the one's you do, interpreted in a way you never expected...and its got to be deep" & isn't that what it's all about?


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