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[MIXG031] Intoxicated Piano - Vice Versa

[MIXG031] Intoxicated Piano - Vice Versa

Catalog: MIXG031
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 25.06.2013
Styles: Acoustic Electronic
Total time: 00:18:25
Size: 39 MB

1. Intoxicated Piano - Animosity (2:21) 2. Intoxicated Piano - In My Dreams (3:33) 3. Intoxicated Piano - Independent Girl (4:02) 4. Intoxicated Piano - Mr. & Mrs. Rains (3:25) 5. Intoxicated Piano - Vozduh (4:14)

Source's preview
Please welcome Intoxicated Piano - a one person project, created by Oxy (Oksana Rumyantseva). You have already heard her captivating voice on Insanity13's release Tragedy Triumph back in our catalogue. Intoxicated Piano was started in 2012 in Izhevsk, Russia and since then turned into performing act with many people joining Oxy on live concerts. Oksana is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a vocalist often collaborating with fellow musicians on their project. This EP could be described as a pensive indie pop with elements of trip-hop, strong atmosphere and sharp-cut style. You are all invited to take a bite and tell us what you think about it.


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