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[phoke93] adamned.age - Transit Berlin

[phoke93] adamned.age - Transit Berlin

Label: Phonocake
Catalog: phoke93
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 31.07.2013
Styles: Electronic IDM
Total time: 01:28:06
Size: 165.19 MB

Transit Berlin (4:30)
Die geteilte Stadt (3:52)
Abschied am Tr?nenpalast (5:42)
Magdalena (4:28)
Sektorengrenze (4:07)
PM 12 (1:42)
Im Hinterland (4:02)
Alexanderplatz (5:34)
Brandmauer (7:14)
Stillstand in Bewegung (7:36)
Am Spreeufer (5:18)
Krise 61 - Wende 89 (6:13)
Sperrgebiet (4:27)
Die Mauer im Kopf (5:14)
Der Fluchthelfer (5:41)
Ostkreuz (6:07)
Das Kamel in der Tasche (5:00)
Was bleibt? (7:34)

Source's preview
The drums of eternity chime through the floodgates of the international Cosmopolitana. Crossover of the culminating history in sound and imaginery. Transit.

adamned.age thematizes her explorations in the artistic metropolis Berlin, as a frame for her delighting album of hard to categorizable electronic music. Her up to now ways shine to be woven in her tracks, her drum playing skills meet the Piano and post classical influences.

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