Techno-Релизы    2013    January
[bsc_030] Pimilk - Glittery Upper World

[bsc_030] Pimilk - Glittery Upper World

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_030
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: 31.01.2013
Styles: Ambient Dub Techno

Moon Dust
Ant Nets
Swamp Chocolate

Source's preview
"Montr?al based producer, Pimilk (aka Mark G.) is known for his synthesizer based releases on Pertin_nce and En:peg Digital. After a brief hiatus, to pursue his PhD in Math and Computer Science, Pimilk returns a few years later with Glittery Upper World, a more organic sounding output for basic_sounds.

Glittery Upper World opens with “Moon Dust,” a pulsing dub swagger, ideal for chill evenings at home. "Oxygen,” bleeps, clicks and sputters over warm soft pads and floating ambience. Clever rhythmic intricacies ping-pong around for the ultimate mind dance. “Ant Nets” is a sculpted textural journey of rich fuzzy melodies combined with dubby delays. “Swamp Chocolate” is a micro ambient track with disorienting percussion patterns. Closing the EP is “Genesis,” a spanning organic ambient voyage with cracking deep textures, sparse rhythmic freeform pulses overtop a translucent sheet of white noise. Overall an impressive warm dubby digital dream."


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