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[SOMO014] Julian Dep - Thalion

[SOMO014] Julian Dep - Thalion

Catalog: SOMO014
Format: MP3 320Kbps, FLAC
Released: 25.01.2013
Styles: Deep-House Deep-Techno
Total time: 18:29
Size: 155 MB

01. Thalion (Original Mix) [09:11]
02. Life In Progress (Original Mix) [09:18]

Source's preview
Ok, 2013 here we come! Time for our 14th EP release! And this time, we'd like to welcome back a great producer: Julian Dep.

You might remember Julian from our first LP titled So Far, on which he collaborated with the track "Synth". Perhaps the name is simple, but that track is one of those unexpected composition jewels you rarely find on Electronic & Dance music. It had everything you wanted to: A great kick, a good bass and some actual melodies! Those plucks and keys are awesome and we fell in love with it since the first time we listened.

But that was 2011. We had a little (well, not that little) break on SOMO later that year, and we lost contact with Julian. But on october 2012, while creating our (awesome as hell) DJ mix for we decided to play "Synth" as the first track of it. We contacted Julian just to let him know and, even though we didn't expect any , we got a reply. And it was a great reply!

We talked, we enjoyed the conversations and we finally got the pleasure of getting more tracks from him! So, ladies and gentlemen, here you have one of the finest releases of Sound & Motion, all the way from Argentina: Thalion.

The first track is the one responsible for the release title. A lovely Progressive House track full of lovely strings, warm pads, spacey FXs, a groovy bassline and some tight drums! The track itself comes to life, slowly creating some tension until a little drop makes you relax. But hey, this is Julian Dep, don't expect things to just stay the same! Just when you think the track can't get any better, BOOM! It just explodes in your face, adding a bassline and a great lead, powered by some shakers and hats. Then, another drop to mark the grand finale, while the track seems to slowly melt to the ground.

Seems like one of the best endings ever? Don't forget about side B! "Life in Progress" is the second track on this EP, and, damn boy, we'd like to do a track like this at least once in our lifetime! The track kicks in with some lovely keys, slowly building up with some strings and some FXs, afterwards some a-la-bigbeat drum pattern makes you dance a little while a Trancey synth gives this track an uplifting, epic feeling! Then, it removes some elements before the kick comes in and shake things up! It's worth mentioning that this all gets your attention, and you've not listened half of the song yet! It's just astonishing the amount of details on this production, seriously. I'll just add something else: The ending is definitely superb, and you'll love this musical journey from start to end.

Oh, boy, I better stop writing! Enjoy another great release! Enjoy both...


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