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[TPRLP01] D_e - Influences EP

[TPRLP01] D_e - Influences EP

Label: Transporta Records
Catalog: TPRLP01
Released: February 2013
Styles: Techno

1. D e – Distinctness (4:47)
2. D e – Two (3:31)
3. D e – Revival (4:19)
4. D e – Theme III (4:47)
5. D e – Lay Emphasis (4:47)
6. D e – Depthcharge (3:29)
7. D e – Stress (6:23)
8. D e – One (3:31)
9. D e – Darkness Roleplay (4:32)

Source's preview
fter more than one year we are back, and we bring you nine tracker album from polish producer Arkadiusz Waloch aka D_e. Pure old school banger as you can remember it from the golden era of techno! Influences EP are also Arek’s debut album. We are very pleased that D_e joined our dark forces on Transporta Rec., and we all wish that you will like it as much as we do, enjoy…

Arek comes from the western part of Poland, particularly from the small town of Zielona G?ra, and this year he will celebrate his 31th birthday. He has been attracted to electronic music from an early age. His project D_e has already made ??a couple of notches on various labels at his homeland or abroad. For example – Load and Clear (BE), Joint Da Beat (SK), Bavaria (DE) or Tranzzmitter (BR). Almost all of them are focused on deep / dub kinds of electronic music. Arek himself does give a fuck about styles.

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