Techno-Релизы    2013    August
[Kidnapping 009] Roberto Figus - Transportation

[Kidnapping 009] Roberto Figus - Transportation

Catalog: Kidnapping 009
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: August 2013
Styles: Techno

Roberto Figus - Line Acid
Roberto Figus - The Return
Roberto Figus & Dubver - Classic
Roberto Figus & Dubver - Classic (Hironori Takahashi A)
Roberto Figus & Dubver - Classic (ULennin B)
Roberto Figus & Dubver - Classic (Rob Zile C)

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If we talk about a nine Italian, maybe someone imagine a robust football player skills goal. But no, in this case we speak of the ninth release of Kidnapping, which comes from the Italian island of Sardinia, and Roberto Figus signature.

As we have experienced in other ocassions, the bind between geography and music, is narrower than you can may imagine, and this is not an exception. Roberto Figus is not only an Italian, born in a Mediterranean island he is accustomed to to seeing blue sunsets, part of his life was crossed by a cold and geometric order of Switzerland, on the part of the cordiality with bad press in some French town, and even by other brezee Italian cities of the continent. This man likes to travel, and we know that eventually leaves foodprints in music, and it is no coincidence then we meet with an EP that brings together many different shades and air, from the minimalist-acid deep "Acid Line" through acidity that becomes techno in "The Return", since techno to ambient IDM, "Classic". But as each day we are more addicted to motion, a single continent doesn?t reach us, and traveled to Asia, to give play to the aquatic atmospherically version "Classic" since Tokyo gives us Hironori Takahashi. And we keep jumping continents, and surfing the big waves around Oceania fall off in the Australian coast, and from Melbourne we get another version of "Classic" that gives us Rob Zile.

Up to now we put an end to this lap, landing back in Buenos Aires, with a final version of "Classic", in the disconcerting Ulennin hands. It gives us IDM with a voice that encloses certainly simultaneously of calm and schizophrenia.


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