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[blpsq035] Applied Research - Proven Extractions

[blpsq035] Applied Research - Proven Extractions

Catalog: blpsq035
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: August 2013
Styles: Minimal Techno

(AR00) Preparation
(AR01) Stretch
(AR02) Tension
(AR03) Runner
(AR04) Don't Trip
(AR05) Exhaustion

Source's preview
APPLIED RESEARCH began as an experiment to reproduce the underlying mechanisms of technology-driven, repetitious sonic compisitions for channeling unique behavioral patterns via physical exertion and the induction of mental transcendance. Initial findings were surprisingly accurate at reproducing the documented effects of established products; however, a significant number of tests resulted in variations that provided evidence of naturally-occuring mutations. These findings were painstakingly reproduced and improved upon by isolating established patterns of aural excitement and expelling redundancies, thus providing the following PROVEN EXTRACTIONS: AR00, AR01, AR02, AR03, AR04, and AR05.

Note: After a number of high-level meetings with the department of public relations, it was determined that the extractions be given "common" titles based upon observed physical effects in unofficial public trials. Said "common" titles will be provided exclusively as file names for each extraction.


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