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[adpt011] Kraut Sounds - Arctic EP
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[adpt011] Kraut Sounds - Arctic EP

Label: Adeptlabel
Catalog: adpt011
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Released: August 2013
Styles: Ambient Deep Dub
Total time: 38:27

1. Kraut Sounds - Frozen Light 8:11
2. Kraut Sounds - Svalbard Dub 7:08
3. Kraut Sounds - Frozen Dub 6:56
4. Kraut Sounds - Polar Drift 6:49
5. Kraut Sounds - Frozen Heart (Tarmac Remix) 6:18
6. Kraut Sounds - Frozen Light (Julio Gutierrez Remix) 3:03

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Arctic EP will refresh us when the weather is hotter. This is little set of tracks from Kraut Sounds, a musician from Berlin that has been “playing music for a very long time, in the 90ies in a local Psychedelic Kraut Rock band with lots of improvisational stuff and strange sounding experiments. In addition I did DJing for about 12 years, that’s where I got more and more into electronic music – techno, dub techno, minimal and ambient stuff and especially old German Kraut Electronic music from the early 70ies…” he says.

The collection begin with Frozen Light, a deep ambient track with a very few rhytmic elements, just a little pattern of kick and hi-hat. This is almost a constant in the music of KS. The melodic part is superb What is more Frozen Light has been remixed by KS itself in Frozen Dub but also by Tarmac and a new artist at Adeptlabel (more info below).

Next one is Svalbard Dub and we’ve just talk about this with him: “I can remember doing this track on the spot end of January, right after recording the basic tracks of Frozen Light. It was sort of an improvisation, twiddling around on my equipment. It took only about 30 minutes to do this track, well, sometimes it kicks from the beginning and there it is…”

Polar Drift is a kind of IDM track with a huge and wonderful melodic synth drift on it. We have asked KS about the inspiration and the feeling when he was producing this release: “The title and the whole EP are inspired by some stuff I read about old Arctic expeditions, about explorers who try to reach the Northern pole and got lost in the ice desert, moreover at the time I recorded these tracks we had about half a meter of snow where I live. Guess, that influences, too.”

At the end there are two remixes by Tarmac and a special guest for this music release: Julio Guiterrez. His remix is like a”tour de force” around a melody that resembles a far east scenario.The beat is huge and he has being careful to keep the dynamism on the mixdown process. We really enjoy Julio’s music and it’s a pleasure to get this remix from him. Thanks.

The beautiful picture was taken by Kraut and the mastering work has been done by llamaza as always.


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