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[SLXR023] The Noisemaker - Prisma Test EP part 2

[SLXR023] The Noisemaker - Prisma Test EP part 2

Catalog: SLXR023
Released: August 2013
Styles: Ambient Experimental Techno

01. The Noisemaker - Test hq 04:28
02. The Noisemaker - Test hu 03:43
03. The Noisemaker - Test hv 06:11

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Let's imagine you in line waiting for a doctor in the year 2060. Virus, with a devastating power, threaten the human kind. Endless row of people that makes tests of control, they inject us, in the blood, substances that can save us and the panic is reigning. In truth, it's everything resulted of our imagination, the fear is a way in which the authorities can control us, knowing our styles of life and inject something that easily makes us all human beings controllable, as a robots.
Isn't it a metaphor of our modernity?

Words by Lorenzo Salmi


31.08.2013 18:25
The Noisemaker - Test Hv-сильно
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