Techno-Релизы    2013    April
[inoquo064] ihy - cosas del amor

[inoquo064] ihy - cosas del amor

Label: inoQuo
Catalog: inoquo064
Released: 15.04.2013
Styles: Minimal Techno
Total time: 28:17
Size: 66 MB

01 conoci?ndonos
02 preliminares
03 el acto
04 cl?max
05 y despu?s, el cigarrillo

Source's preview
It is not known why, but when you jump the spark and found two people arrive, the "Cosas del amor". And the environment asks: and what? and is usually respond, because "Conoci?ndonos". Later, in a slightly more intimate contact, will come the "Preliminares", a space of learning for both parties and prelude to “El Acto "; at this point, binge seizes the relationship and there is only one output, " El Climax ", ecstasy for the senses. ?Y despu?s el cigarrillo? Yes, the reward, relax and the satisfaction of a job well done.
Are "Cosas del amor".


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