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[SOMO011] RealiTVersion - Experiments

[SOMO011] RealiTVersion - Experiments

Catalog: SOMO011
Format: FLAC, 320 kbps
Released: 26.09.2012
Styles: Electronic Experimental
Total time: 21:10
Size: 167 MB

01. Uminaoshi (Original Version)
02. The Forest (Original Version)
03. Pop Corn & Coke (Original Version)
04. Finally (Original Version)
05. Ghosts (Original Version)

Source's preview
Oh, boy! Seems like it's time for 11th (well, 12th) release on Sound & Motion! But this time, there's a little twist...

You might remember RealiTVersion from last year's "So Far" LP, which featured some new artists that collaborated with the netlabel. He created "Cold Sea" with Armida, and he also remixed Playground's "Spleen". Both tracks were well received, so we decided to give him a release. He replied to us by e-mail, just writing "Ok, soon!". And that's about it. This year, he finally sent us the release, giving us these incredible experimental tracks, full of dark, twisted sounds that he simply calls "Experiments".

The first track has been used by Sound & Motion on their DJ mixes since 2010. Titled "Uminaoshi", this one is a 2 minutes ambient track that sets the mood of the whole release . Then we have "The Forest", which makes evident that there's some dance influence in this release: one-two step drum that provides rhythm to some experimental pads and samples full of delay and reverb, leading you to an energetic yet moody climax that shows the general idea behind this EP.

Afterwards, RealiTVersion gives us "Pop Corn & Coke", a Dubstep-ish track that relies on tight drums along with an irregular bassline and looping percussions, until a massive beatdrop suddenly explodes into some popping sounds and the emptiness is filled with white noise before the drums appear once more. Repetition is the key here: Even though the track doesn't have a lot of elements, it has the perfect balance and timing to maintain it's interest and energy.

Next, "Finally" shows up with some low kickdrums and hats with flanger marking the rhythm before a irregularly placed clap shows up and drives us into a tense climax with some pads full of reverb and delay until each and every single one of the elements are removed one by one, as an agonizing lifeform being ripped appart. But, as a way to depict afterlife, we have "Ghosts", the only track that actually has a melody: a Broken Piano that plays while some ambient background sounds and vinyl popups fill the rrom before everything fades away and the journey ends in an abrupt yet natural way.

This is the 11th EP on Sound & Motion, and it shows that our musical taste is wider than the tipical 4/4 Techno beats. But don't worry, we still have more releases coming, and more great music for you, regardless of genre and style. If it's worth it, you'll get it! Anyway, enough text. Let the Sound & Motion experience to reach your ears!


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