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Sonitus Eco - SoundDesigners Podcast #31 October

Sonitus Eco - SoundDesigners Podcast #31 October

Released: October 2012
Styles: Ambient Deep-Techno Dub Podcast
Total time: 01:09:24
Size: 63.54 MB

Demdike Stare - The Stars are moving
mon0 - Dreaming
Raime - Retread
Mindspan - Snowflake
Emptyset - Interstice
Quantec - Nabu
Caspian Rabone - Deep Waters(Sonitus Eco Remix)
Purl - Sargyll
Sonitus Eco - Unreleased
Sowing Paranoia - Ambient 1

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Hello all,

I hope that you had a nice month, this last one. Now we get in in another level in temperature. The mother nature show other colors in this time of season. Autumn start to run for all of us, at least in Europe and we start this next phase with an excellent artist from Xghajra , Malta. His name is Justin Meli aka Sonitus Eco is a sound design enthusiast and a hardware collector. Influenced by early electronic musicians like the BBC Radiophonic workshop artists , Musique Concrete and early industrial music his sound could be defined as Deep, Dark, Dub and Experimental to name a few. He has already released numerous Eps and remixed several artists on various labels, inlcuding Deepindub, Pinkpube & Batti Batti.. His debut album 'It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise' is released on Silent Season.

So…with this new layers, we try to show some different interesting scenes on electronic music. We think that this ambient/drone/Techno sounds appears now with more power then ever and you can find more soundscapes on tracks that reach the dance music. Like we all know…all the artists drink influences in so many spots, create so many different genres that is a strong contribution to the grow of our sweet electronic music.
Have a deep month of October guys,



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