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[BOF-042] Symatic Star - Solar Storm

[BOF-042] Symatic Star - Solar Storm

Catalog: BOF-042
Released: 30.11.2012
Styles: Ambient Drone Electronic Experimental
Total time: 38:13
Size: 193.4 MB

1. Symatic Star - Solar Storm

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Symatic Star is Simon Walsh. An accomplished bassist, he immerses himself in synthesis, using timbre and texture as compositional elements in pursuit of the atmospheric sounds he imagines.

This, his 6th and most experimental release to date, reflects the fire of that imagination.

A live recording created with multiple Nord G2 Modular Synthesizers played/modulated and further patched in real time as 2012's largest solar storm was sweeping across the Earth.

Simon: "Living in a remote coastal forest of Western Australia the Internet is a highly valued tool for sharing my music and sounds with people around the world and beyond."


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