Techno-Релизы    2012    November
[SE045] Godsthrone - Godsthrone EP

[SE045] Godsthrone - Godsthrone EP

Catalog: SE045
Released: November 2012
Styles: Electronic Techno

1. Elektrodrama 04:14
2. Flux Reflexio 03:29
3. Godsthrone 04:14
4. LLL 02:32
5. PixelLove 03:32

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Godsthrone” is an independent music project born in Milan and developed in Rome between 2011 and 2012 aiming at expressing the most wideranging feeling and visions by the sounds of electronic music. The first EP, “Godsthrone EP” is defined by recollections from the Eighties, the massive use of synth and 8-bit sounds, and leads you in a journey into a magical and gloomy atmosphere with sonorities at the same time unambiguous and pied where you can perceive a strong blend of genres. “Godsthrone” is also the pen name of the young 25-year-old producer from Salento.


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