Techno-Релизы    2012    November
[Podcast52] Serious Cut - Tranzmitter Netlabel Series

[Podcast52] Serious Cut - Tranzmitter Netlabel Series

Label: Tranzmitter
Catalog: Podcast52
Released: November 2012
Styles: Electronic Techno Podcast
Total time: 41:55
Size: 48.1 MB

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Serious cut is versatility in styles. With careful selection of sounds, we shape very personal and impressive creations. projecting very strictly to excel in the underground scene, we are able to lead their lives and sets from the more experimental, and a downtempo, for more cultural events, the techno industrial focused and appropriate for the night club. Definitely two veterans of electronic music whose real name is Ivan Martinez & Raul Zapata. Their paths begin in mid-90s, influenced at the time by the large producers and dj's the old school techno.

Their productions are currently being carried obvious break and worked the rhythmic blending of other styles such as dub and Industrial among others. Always keeping the darkness, seriousness and elegance in each of his subjects. Evolution and experience after the 1st album, has led to a change of style from his second job, where the nuances Minimal, like clicks and noises among others, have gone to another level, giving priority to industrial rhythmic and more pigeonholed to break and downtempo, while taking into account, their albums, do not lack variety and are a fusion of various styles.


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